Robert Scoble has a break and I start a new blog

Hi all,

One of my favourite bloggers Robert Scoble is having a break from blogging. It is hard to believe but he is even saying that with social networking sites such a Facebook this will become a more common.

He is stopping for a while because he does not think he is adding anything of value to the world. Sometimes I also wonder about this with my blog. Anyway I decided to reply because I have been a bit of a lurker on his blog and he is an A list blogger and decided to comment for one of the first times in three years.

I made this comment on his post:


In Sydney, Australia we have a reasonable radio program in the evening on 2GB. A few months ago they had in an “expert” on the next new thing in retail sales. He said the next big thing is “Adding Value”.

He talked about the little things that are not necessarily the “core” business but are the things that make a difference such as the coffee shop in the book store, the lounge chairs in departmental stores with the sport on TV….

After a while these value added things overtake the core business of the operation and become in dispensible to the success of the business.

I am in education and try to add value and you help me do this.

Enjoy your break and see you on the otherside.

cheers Martin


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