Any threat to Google?

Hi all,

Firstly thanks to James for tips on how to embed my Google Maps. Once I worked out how to get my API it was easy.

The semi retired, from blogging Scoble made an interesting post on the growing challenge of Mahalo, Techmeme and Facebook and he believes they will “kick Google’s butt” within four years time. I don’t have time at the moment to look at the videos he links to. I’ll do that later.

I did go into Mahalo to see what sort of search engine it was and when I put in my standard test word “marathons” – for running and it had no links but there were links to our “friendly” Google when I put in “Facebook” I got a better idea of the potential.

I am a bit more familar with the term TechMeme but still need to see all the potential.

Funny thing in 1996 I was a fan of Lycos and did not think Google was any good. I am now more prepared to look at new things with a analytical eye for potential.

cheers Martin


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