Technology and Your First Born

Hi All,

Reading about Ewan’s experiences with the recent birth of his child and his post of what is happening it reminded me of when Nick and Ali were born in 1993 and 1996. The Principal of the school allowed me leave without pay.

In 1993 on the 22nd of each month I wrote Nick a letter which I will give him when he turns 21 and you can tell him about it if I am gone. It was a big thing, I type iot on an Apple Classic and sent hard copies to friends who might have been interested Paul Keating was Prime Minister, my brother in law was one year away from playing cricket for Australia.

Anyway I went back to work for another two years and Ali was born this time on the 30 January – yeh teachers have children in January. A different boss at the same school allowed me another year off and I wrote another letter this time to Ali.

By now I had upgraded the computer to An Apple Black Executive and I had a dial up at home. John Howard was in Government – and he still is and I started the whole Web Journey in earnest. I would email chapters to those who would read them and I had moved from a paper based blog to an electronic one before the technology made it easier.

So I found it interesting to read about the Bebo Generation that Ewan was writing about.

cheers Plu


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