Dubbo Conference Feedback

Hi all,

Here is the feedback from the Dubbo Conference and I have stuck to the Web 13.0 theme.


  • All resources/areas of study can be implemented following planning/organisation of curriculum. Very useful information/planning ideas
  • Resources useful in relations to making Geography much more interesting
  • Resources could be used throughout Stages 4-5. Excellent platforms for support/build upon existing resources and knowledge
  • Resources on Global Education will really help teachers especially the actions the Australian Government takes overseas
  • Brilliant dinner presentation
  • Bangalore excellent
  • Presentation on ICT challenging (in an inspirational way) – some great ideas
  • All presentations were food but were rushed, I got the impression, for example, a bloke like Martin Pluss could have spoken all day and all of us teachers would got an enormous amount out of it
  • Was inspired by your enthusiasm


  • How to conduct a really successful RAP with a Stage 5 class
  • How to handle the School Certificate exam
  • Less lecturing more practical
  • Practical things kept it interesting

If youa re interested in seeing what this is all about go to the GTANSW webpage
cheers Martin


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