Macquarie University Education 261 Presentation

HI all,

Last Wednesday I did the 4:00pm university guest lecture on BLogs, Wikis and Podcasts in Education.

Here is the audio

Here is an audio of my presentation.audio_red.gif

I showed examples of ICT integration from K-12 and then gave a few tips on Web 2.0 tools. I generally try to motivate them and their use of technology.

I asked how many had a blog and none did!

On the walk in from the ‘long distance car park’ the geographer in me noticed two things.

Firstly, Ryde Council’s attempt to cash in on the parking was failing. They have 12 hour parking spots and they cost a fair bit. As if uni students will pay. Even after 6 months people are not paying to park on the road between the university and the M2. Like me, they all park to the north taking all the parking for those in units and townhouses.


Secondly, in the dip in the above photo there is a great example of creek and gully erosion on university grounds.


cheers Martin


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