Wagga Wagga Conference

Hi all,

Last Wednesday and Thursday I headed to Wagga Wagga for the last of three rolling Country Conferences for the GTANSW .

The Wednesday night was in The Manor where I stayed.


The next day was at the very modern Council Chambers.


And a few of us had some fun in the Mayor’s Chair- apologies to Queen Elizabeth.


It is humbling that people in western NSW travel 100s of km to listen to people like me talk about technology and Geography. I did my talk on Traditional and Emerging Learning Technology which I later reveal , for web products, is Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. Then I talked about how Web 13.0 can be used to help rationalise and prioritise Web 2.0 tools.

Here are the presentations

Wagga Wagga
Nick Hutchinson Web Links
Nick Hutchinson PowerPoint
Nick Hutchinson Audio
Rod Lane Bangalore Article
Rod Lane Audio

Martin Pluss ELT Audio
Martin Pluss Plenary Session
You need to install this Plugin to listen to the audio

I have some photos I can put up later.

cheers Martin


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