The World is Flat: – Part A

Hi all,

I am still coming to terms with running two blogs. The running and life blog gets updated more frequently.

Anyway when I was at the airport to go to Dubbo for my ICT Presentation there was a cheap version of Friedman’s The World is Flat and have been reading it carefully for the last month. Time now to distill a few notes which I would like to put into application. First up he talks about 10 flatteners – should be 13 of them.

10 things that changed the world

  1. 11th September 1989: the walls went down and the windows went up – Berln Wall
  2. 8th September 1995 when the web went round and Netscape went public – WWW
  3. Workflow software: connected machines and software applications encouraged standardised business software.
  4. Uploading: Apache, Linux, opensource – community developed software and answers – Wikipedia
  5. Outsourcing: all caome about with Yk2 and India helped out and have been their since.
  6. Offshoring: running with gazelles and eating with lions. 2001 China joined the WTO and the rest of the world has had to run faster and faster.
  7. Supply chaining: Walmart.
  8. Insourcing: FedX and Us Postal. not just delivering packages they are doing logistics – sychronising global supply chains – they actually fix Toshiba lap tops rather than forwarding them to Toshiba.
  9. Informing: google
  10. Steriods: you can access the internet in Japan on the Bullet train at 240km/hour. Look at storage, IM and filesharing, VoiP, video conferencing and computer graphics.

Now what I want to do is work through the issues and see how I can apply them to education.

cheers Martin


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