I see the irony

Hi all,

First of all nothing to do with the post – I often wonder who reads my rambling and was chuffed to see me referred to in a post about educational Twitterers. Thanks John.

I am all for all this open source stuff and yet I am in a work environment where I look after the front end of the school’s intranet using SharePoint.

By way of background. Initially it was in an open source framework where I used dreamweaver, created all the structure and actually created all the pages and tried to teach the teachers how to upload things. This meant I was doing all the uploading and if I got hit by the bus no one would know what to do. I was not happy with this solution as I want the project to survive on its own merits.

A couple of years ago we had a change of network manager and he liked the Microsoft platform and introduced me to SharePoint. It has made the decentralisation of the intranet at work that much easier. So I work in this open source environment (edublogs and coolrunning) for my personal and professional development and with work I have to try and understand all things Microsoft.

To spell it out this is the irony of my situation the personal and professional are not overlapping.

I am at the point where I want to install the My Site functionality and can I find out how to do it? No. I have been researching it for days and found all this interesting stuff on social networking (which I want to write about in 2008) but nothing I need to get My Site working for the students in 2008.

If I can get this working it will provide more than student document management but a locale for social networking in the school context.

I will keep plugging on.

cheers Martin


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