The World is Flat Part B

Hi all,

Now a bit of a follow up on the next stage of The World is Flat where Friedman talks about the tripple convergence.

Triple Convergence

  1. Web enabled platform  with multiple forms of collaboration.

From my perspective this is all about Web2.0 and how I how I can integrate everything I do.  The most dominate aspect of this in my life is my collaboration in Cool Running followed by educational ICT and lagging well behind is Geography for some reason – despite numerous efforts.

2. New ways of doing business with globalisation eg Walmart and there is a lag between the IT revolution  and increase productivity – same thing happened with electricity.  In my area of teaching and education schools have been slow to adopt the flat world practices into the business of education – by businesssI don’t just mean the money side of things but also pedagogy and curriculum.

3. New Playing field: China, India, Russia Eastern Europe, Latin America and Central Asia – Zippies.

This is one of the most interesting aspects of the flat world.  What are the areas out of the classroom and classroom that can be used because they do things not only cheaper but perhaps even better.  I guess this is whare I think of the 24/7 teacher which I actually don’t mind because it makes my time much more easier while I am at school.  Being able to check emails log onto the network from home like I am at the moment makes me more efficient and a better educator

I can see all three and how they work in isolation but the convergence I have not really got a handle on.

cheers  MArtin


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