The World is Flat Part C – The great Sorting out

The great Sorting out

Hi all,

Well there is a lot to this section of The World is Flat which is best sumarised by these points:

1. India vs Indiana – whom is exploiting whom

An interesting case study talking about the way some companies go to India to Outsource or how technologists come from India to USA to get things done and thus further their career.

2. From command to control to collaborate and connect.

This is the fundamental shift which in education can be reflected more in participative pedagogy.

3. Colin Powers Secretary of State “ Yes he no longer comes looking for information. He already has the information. He comes asking for action.”

In life and my work I have learnt that the more you know and the more you talk and communicate when you get into a meeting a lot of thinking has been done and you can move onto the action stage.

Now I don’t even know if anyone reads what I writing about here but I wonder how many people are thinking about this great sorting out or are they too busy involved in the actual sorting out and do not realise they are the actors in the play? Sort of like in a few years they will reflect back on how things have changed and did not realise, to borrow from Peter Ellyard, that they had a chance to shape their preferred future than just accept a probable future.


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