Working towards 13 Geography Edublogs October 2007

Hi All,

I am just doing some random searches on edublogs to see what  comes up for Geography.  As more  edubloggers come online I expect these to change.

Larry Ferlazz0’s Weblinks

Recent sites added to the 7,000 links on Mr. Ferlazzo’s English Website assisting English Language Learners (and younger native speakers). There is a category for Geography.
Miss Thomsons Blog
This blog has been designed to help Miss Thomson’s Geography and Modern Studies classes.

 Miss K’s Blog
A Primary blog with some Geography

Social Studies Meets ICT 
A Middle School Adventure Hosted by Ms. C and Ms. N

JDMcsD Blog 
A space to reflect on geography, education and the world about us.

 ICT in the Secondary Curriculum
Initiative to develop and share resources to increase ICT use across the curriculum.

Ms. Clesi’s World Geography Classes 
A teacher from Westside High School

 Thompson’s Blog of Geography and reading
Let’s go around the world

Now I am going to to stall here because there is not a lot of substance after these ones.  Happy to be proven wrong.  Where are the academic Geographers?

I have sat on this for a month – need more geographers on edublogs.

cheers Martin


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