Maxine McKew Month

Hi all,

I know it is into the second month of the year but I take January for time at the beach, family and exercising.  In this case mostly riding and walking.  It is my Google Time that takes up 12.5 % of the year.

I continued my running and life blog when I could get access to the internet and at one stage had well over 1000 feeds in Google Reader to process.  I quickly headed back to the beach 🙂

I want to share with you the Maxine McKew Month.  January 2007 Maxine was on holidays on the Central coast where I holiday.  While at  at Pretty Beach she was approach with the idea of running against John Howard in the 2008 election and in January 2008 she won and had a seat in parliament and pushed out a sitting Prime Minister.

January now is my Maxine Month where I am open to all sorts of possibilities and I just go with all that comes up.  So what happened in this year’s Maxine McKew Month.   So what happened?

I have wanted to do some theological reading but I have find the Bible to be boring.  I cannot pronounce the names, nor can I identify with the situations and the language.  while on a ride with Barry, whom I worked with for 5 years and is now the Rector of the Darling Street Anglican Church, he suggested to read two books and they have made a difference. Though I still don’t see the point of 4 Gospels which essentially tell the same story.

Next I checked my email in the video store at Avoca Beach and there was  an email from the Editor of the ACER  Publications and they have offered to publish a paper I wrote on Social Bookmarking.  This keeps me on track of publishing at least one article a year – which I have managed to do since 1985.

Last year I was a slave to my goal of running 100km a month or 25km a week.  In January I just decided to walk and ride.  I recorded how long I was out for each week.  I began to notice that I was actually spending more time exercising  even though I was doing less km running.  This has become my focus this year.  I feel half an hour a day is the benchmark so 3:30 hours per week.  As it turned out i did 30 hours of exercise in January.  I won’t keep those hours up but  the focus on hours seems to be better for my over all fitness as I have to cross training more.

We committed to improving where we live with the intention of staying where we are in Pennant Hills for a longer time frame.  Plans have been approved.  Some assets have to be sold to do it  but generally it has been a good decision for the family.

No great relevation or solution but on the professional front I have been spread a bit too thin and juggling a few balls.   In January I was remind my core is teaching.  I am a Social Science teacher who dabbles a lot in ICT.  I am going to keep reminding myself this through out the year when things get too busy.

On the ICT front with the social booking marking work published I want to pull together information on Social Networking.  I don’t want Web 13.0 to be a blog just linking to other websites.  Google Reader does this for me.

Well that is all from me for now.

cheers  Martin

cheers  Martin


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