13 February 2008 – we said sorry today

Hi all,

Well it stopped the school today with people finding computers and TVs at 8:55am.

Pretty impressed he pulled it off and I thoroughly agree with saying sorry. I cannot sit on the fence on this one. Sure it is complex but the fact remains some Aboriginals were taken from their families and they should be apologized to.

In fact it is more than the government being responsible it is us letting the government do what they did. It serves as a reminder to me, to keep an eye things in which I am involved and not let some things happen.

One of the comments to a story in news.com.au:

“I’m not sorry, I’ve no reason to be, my family had nothing to do with it.”

If you vote the government in you do have something to do with it. We still have to look after all Australians.

If we have to say sorry for other things – well so be it. If it costs us so be it. Sometimes the right thing needs to be done and at least on this issue the right thing was done.

The story of the 80 year lady made it for me.

Meanwhile talk back on 2GB is providing both sides of the argument and lots of emotion.

Now I want to see how it has spread around the world. It is on the front page on CNN now and BBC.

Let’s see if I can find a few links that tell the story

News.com.au Rudd moves to heal the nation

CNN Australia Apologizes to Aborigines

BBC Australia Apology to Aborigines

Thousands say sorry in Facebook 

It has been really interesting to see how the story has spread and how people have offered their opinion on blogs and how quickly.

cheers Martin


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