How Practical is Web 2.0 – still a way to go

Hi all,

Well I have been doing some work on Social Bookmarking and I have been trying to share it with my colleagues. We are running small professional development sessions for staff. I was asked to offer some Web 2.0 stuff but not many know what it is and how useful it will be for them –  so not many takers. I did do a reasonable job at marketing it.

So the popular ones were digital photography, marketing the school superannuation, pedogogy (which Web 2.0 would fall into but maybe it has not hit the mainstream thinking of pedogogy experts) smart boards and  learning for individual differences.

If you look at the ones that were of interest they do fit into the concrete stage of thinking for teachers. Pretty clear that if we want Web 2.0 to become more mainstream there is still a lot of work to do to make it seem practical and useful for the practical teacher.

cheers Martin


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