The world is flat: Part D

Hi all,

Well following on from the other parts (down there somewhere) about the The World is Flat this is the 4th secton. I find it interesting to say the least on how things happen.


  1. Great Collaborators and Orchestrators – go to the centre of gravity –India.
  2. Great Synthesizers – putting together disparate things that you would not think normally go together. Known as mashups of two different web based tools
  3. Great explainers –the business that made digital photos to print and then started a business to show people how to do it themselves.
  4. Great Leveragers – combining the best computers can do with the best humans can do.
  5. Great Adapters to – versatilists – depth of skill to a widening scope of situations and experiences, gaining new competitiveness, building relationships and assuming new roles.
  6. The green people – sustainable and renewable
  7. Passionate Personalisers – Baseball vendor selling water sugar and lemon in a plastic cup.
  8. Great Localisers – “localising the globe” with satellite dishes, DSL lines, Blackberrys. Coffee bars keep people with wireless connections.

cheers Martin


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