Playing catch up on Web 2.0 access in schools

Hi all,

In a closed circuit email list server I am in the debate has emerged again on giving students access to Web 2.0 tools such as You Tube la la la…I feel like I am going in circles and yet again the same old debate emerges and sometimes by the same people who have not moved on. 

Some have  not moved on in terms of what is good about some of the things we can use.  Some don’t even know what is out there – well things that have been around for a while and are out there. So there is no personal or professional growth in what they are doing and they are ICT educational professionals. No fault of their own – just too busy surviving their work day without  google time.

Some have not moved on because they don’t want to or  they are constrained in their work environment.

Some have not moved on because they have not given it a go and tried to address issues laterally. 

Bottom line is that the tools are there to be used and should be used.  Sure in a structured way if there are concerns. 

 We need to provide sound educational reasons  to justify what we need to do and lobby.

I know in one  educational sector they have spent millions of dollars on hardware and software to do things with  scalability which in mind boggling.  It essentially  sits idle. Use of it by teachers is limited because some either believe or have been lead to believe it is more work.  Other teachers who want to use it, use student tricks to get by and even even  pay for their ADSL  lines into the institution to by pass the official system. 

 Others set up there own online spaces and  try and engage the students by getting them to work from home or public libraries. No wonder the latter are frustrated and leave education.  

Upper level decision makers are scared to use it for unseen potential legal reasons.   Didn’t we just say sorry. 

Meanwhile, students just learn this way and we do need to be able to show them how to do it properly, safely,  without plagiarism etc 

Are we stopping students from engaging in what will be and is their world beyond the school gate?

cheers  Martin


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