Start up Companies cf New Schools

HI all,

I have followed with interest a debate started by the CEO Jason of Malaho when he posted about life in a start up and his view of what is necessary for success. Michael Specht,whom I follow on Twitter, gave us a neat post to follow the replies and thoughts of others.

I cannot comment on start ups but all I know having worked in two schools which were new schools (one was 1 year old and the other 7 years old) you have to work harder than normal to enable things to work. Maybe I could have worked harder- definitely smarter (I was a new teacher) but my commitment to the school(s) was unquestionable. I worked really long hours, taught a whole range of subjects, did things on the smell of an oily rag and was one of the pioneers.

It was a great experience and when I read about those schools and how they are going now I look at them with pride because I was there at the beginning or very close to the beginning.

cheers Martin

Edit:  A bit more


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