Lecture at Macquarie University

Hi all,

For the last couple of years I have been asked to present to 2nd year education students on Blogs, Wikis and Podcasts.  It is always tight to leave my lessons at work  and get there by 4:00pm. Also  I park miles away to avoid paying  the meters and  I have to walk quickly to get there.  The walk in itself is not a problem but it is if you follow my other blog.   

I was asked do I need a place for my notes and I did not have any.  I was just going to talk my way through the powerpoint.  I did not even think of taking notes.  I have in the past. This made me think that they might have wanted a more academic presentation.  It was not to be because I wanted to show all the examples I  have on  using technology in the classroom, show the Web 2.0 tools that they can learn to use and hopefully inspire them to have a go themselves.  

Not sure how I went .  I did have some academic stuff but I just rushed through it and said they could read it themselves.  I am not sure if that is what they wanted but it is what I presented.    

A few observations:

1.  I spotted one guy having a snooze.   

2.  I did not like being trapped by the microphone.

3.  There is still a lot to do to spread the word about Web 2.0. 

4.  Thanks to my Twitter friends who popped in to say hi at the beginning of the lecture. 

5.  I think I am too free spirited to be an academic.

6.  It is strange  having partially empty lecture theatres.

cheers  Martin


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