Collective Sub-consciousness: on blogging legacy

Hi all,

I don’t know Will Richardson but his recent post hit a cord with me. He writes about the early and sudden death of his mother and how there were all these unanswered questions and discussions to be had at a later date which were never had. Now he sees how his online life will provide a legacy for his children. I wanted to make a comment on his blog which is below:

You have articulated the exact reason I started online writing in 1993. I took a year off in both years to look after my children in the first year of their lives.

On their monthly birthday for the first year I would write to them about what was happening and how their Grand Parents had died just before them and did not even know they were on the way. I put it all online so it is there for them to read when I am long gone. See left hand column to Nick 1993 and Ali 1996.

The blog was the natural progression.

For me this is a classic example of what Jung describes as the Collective Sub – Consciousness. People think and do the same things for very similar reasons without having actually communicated with each other. I also remember reading this about the spread of certain traditions in very different cultures separated by continents in times when they were really separated from each other for tens of thousands of years.

Thanks for bringing back to me the reasons whay I started all this Will.




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