Day one filming done

Hi all,
In amongst teaching today I met Sarah, Reggie and Cameron from Melbourne University to get things rolling for the lesson they filmed today. The gear that have is really compact and the technology has three cameras in the room on me , two students and the rest of the class.

At the end of the lesson they put me in front of a computer and let me look at the lesson. The screen has three frames on it where they can see me the the two students and the rest fo the class. So I can actually see what the rest of the class was doing when I was working with the students in another part of the room.

Generally I felt it went well and it will provide some useful fodder for the focus groups that analyse it for teaching standards (with ten other filmed teachers I was told). For me personally it was and is ( more tomorrow) a great professional development experience for me on how I could do things better. The lesson took 45 minutes then they spent an hour recording me and my comments on different parts of my lesson as I watched it on the screen.

As for tomorrow there are 4 student interviews another lesson and a post lesson interview for me. Maybe later I will post up the actual lesson material.

In the meantime I raced to Sydney University this evening for a meeting though managed to have a light meal at Ottos in Glebe which I was pleased to note now has free wireless access. – beauty.




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