Going mobile for the average person

Hi all,

I am keen to go more mobile with my internet access but I am not sure how to go about it.  Lots of corporate types have access to the Blackberry and now in the future for Oz – iPhones – paid by  the business.

At this stage I cannot justify it nor will the two CFO’s on my family let me.  When will the prices come down for the average person? 

I not only want to check the web and use twitter, update my blog and communicate with family work and friends  but I also want a system that is easy for me to read my documentation. I need a slightly bigger screen  a bit smaller tan Kindle or the Sony Reader.   Is this too much to ask for the normal person on the street with out access to the $ of companies.

So can any of you give me an idea of what  works for you.  I have a nice little HP which works well when I have wireless access but that is infrequent but  good to read downloaded material.

cheers  Martin


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