MoodleMan on some Moodle aps

Hi all,

This is mainly for my reference – Moodle man write about this in another venue and I need to keep it. Hence it is here. Thanks as Julian.

  • MrCute – This allows you to set up a repository to search and deploy TLF learning objects within Moodle
  • Feedback – Conduct surveys within your class or school. We are doing an all student Survey as we speak
  • Podcast – Deploy podcasts through Moodle. I have nearly a dozen teachers now podcasting to their students .
  • Game – Turn any quiz into a game. Included options are:
    • Who wants to be a millionaire
    • Snakes and ladders
    • Hangman (we changed this to HangMouse to be more kid friendly
    • And more….
  • Simple Blog – The ability to add activity specific blogs. Great for role play, reflection journals and assessment journals.
  • Book – This is a must have! Create multi page web resources. Every teacher who has seen it uses it

  • MyCourse Block – A block that allows students to access their courses from a sideblock with a simple folder interfcae. Saves alot of space
  • CourseMenu – Replaces the 4 different Admin Style blocks with a simple control panel. Hard to describe but my teachers love it as it really simplifies administration.
  • Ajax Google Search block – Search Google and have the results live displayed within a block.
  • My Marking Block – A block that shows teachers what has been submitted by students for marking without having to trawl through courses to find out..A huge time saver

  • MultiMovie filter – Allows teachers to embed teachertube, Youtube and google video without needing to use embed code.

(which all good Admins should have disallowed anyways)

  • Wikipedia Filter – Automatically link to wikipedia terms. (controversial with librarians, but I do believe worth it)
  • Geogebra Filter – Automatically embeds geogebra files
  • Jmol Filter – Embeds freely available jmol files which create fully interactive 3d modules of molecules
Course Formats

  • Accordion – A must have for larger courses. Opens and closes topics like an accordion or easier viewing
  • Pages Format – Good for more advanced teachers as it gives complete control of the course page design. You can even put blocks like the calendar in the middle of the page!
Extra Plugins
  • Mahara – An open source external portfolio system that talks natively with Moodle using XML-RPC.
cheers Martin

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