Power of a haircut

Hi all,

This time last year N.. gave me a number 3 with the clippers. I pretty well went through to February without a haircut. Once I got to December I let it go wild in the Xmas holidays. This is a hangover from teenage years in the 1970s where longer hair was the norm and I had quite long hair. Longer than this photo which was last Friday.

I normally go to the barber for a cut but don’t really cope with the shearing when the hair is medium to long. So in January I found this nice hairdresser Michael also in Penno. He has a modern looking, slick, spartan salon and is an interesting guy to talk to. I get a good half an hour discussion and haircut for $35. I have been to him twice and each time the family say how much did that cost and it does not look like you have had a hair cut. So I am attacked on two levels – cost and the amount of hair removed.

Now to just backtrack a bit. I have been feeling a bit grotty of late. Hair a bit wild and I have been adopting my old Bowral habits of just ironing the collars (if that) of my shirts because the shirts tend to spend all day under a jumper. So on the way home from work yesterday I went to the barber paid $15 less and half the time in the chair. The conversation was not as good and when I picked N… up he assumed I went back to Michael and he would not talk to me. Things got better when I said what it cost and it looks like I have had a haircut.

My Cool Running Cap will fit on better now at the Gold Coast Marathon.

The point I want to make. Last year almost shaved head no comments.  Two $35 haircuts some comments by the observant. Now at work today – saying it looked good and even my clothes looked good – it felt like I had had a makeover.

Whether it looks good or not is not the issue. What was unsaid before is more formative – suggests that I needed a haircut and people were being polite.


1. Maybe my blog needs a haircut as well.
2. Hard to know what absence of comments in a blog means – no one reads it, no one notices it, people look and don’t comment, there are things they don’t like and say nothing and there are things they like and say nothing.
3. When comments come on your blog you feel better about what you are doing.
4. This makes you feel like you are valued and you keep blogging.


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