Hi all,

A reference by @trib in twitter got me searching for Feedly. It is a RSS aggregator which draws on a large portion of my digital footprint. At the moment I am using it as an Plugin for Firefox and once it it pulled all my feeds and displayed them on a web page which I access through an icon on my tool bar.

It pulls all your headings in Google Reader and puts them on the top of a browser tool bar. All the feeds are displayed through the page.

I still have some organising to do. Whether I stay with it or not will tell with time. I like what I see so far.

BTW: It is so new that a feedly.com google search does not bring it up – only stories about it.

Stop Press: I made a comment on Twitter that delicious was not working yet and got this tweet from Feedly :

feedly @plu martin. feedly is working on delicious integration. expect to see something in the next 2-4 weeks.

Pretty impressive – @JasonCalacanis did the same thing when I first looked at Malaho.

You just cannot beat Twitter PD.

cheers Martin


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