Hi all,

I am having a break from loudtwitter – struggling to get it to work.



Just to give you something for the geek in you:-)  I want my Tweets on

twitter to appear as a blog post in my blog – updated daily. If it happens I can see the potential of microblogging  becoming the blog from the phone/pda…



I have an rss feed but this is not exactly what I want.


I would like the tweets to go straight in as a blog post that way people user a rss feeder know I have an updated post even though it is imported from the Twitter post.



I have been trying hard to get this to work.



I have this set up now and it emails me the 24 hour tweets but does

not post them to my blog for me- is there a setting I need to know or do you need to know about it to allow it to post to my blog externally? I did not expect there to be anything on this in support documentation  – if edublogs can get this working through twitter edublogs exposure would grow even more I suspect.


After the email worked  I realised I can only chose one way to post  my tweets so I disabled the email way and  set up the xmlrpc way – don’t really understand this. 3:00pm passed and no update on the blog – so more research to do or assistance from some kind readers.



cheers  Martin



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