Help from Loudtwitter

Hi all

Loud Twitter and Edublogs have been trying to help me out with getting my tweets imported as blog posts. I have an Edublog which is on a WordPress platform.


I know you are very busy earning money to support these side interests.

Thanks for providing this service I reckon it is really cool and needed.
I  have followed all the instructions and  managed to get email Twitter posts
but having issues with updating the blog  (after I deactivated email notifications)
One  blog is

I have added the xmlrpc.php extension as required for a Word Press blog
which is the platform for edublogs.

The reply

could you check what WP logs say? It looks like it returns an incorrect
status code when loudtwitter is posting to this url:

[Mon Jun 23 02:54:48 2008][info] fail [Error on POST 200 OK] to post plu

Tipping support appreciated! It pays for server/bandwith... Thanks!

I guess now I have to look at the logs – not sure how to do it or if it is an Edublogs thing that I cannot do- any thoughts?

And an update:

My quick reply

Thanks for  getting back to me.  I am not sure how to do this( look at the logs)
I will try (contact edublogs )and get back to you.

and reply

Also, try to get the information if you can use an email address to post to
you blog, that would replace XMLRPC on loudtwitter ends and it's pretty much
guaranteed to work.

Nice to get some help.

I have put a post in Edublogs Forums

cheers Martin


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