The World Flat – Part E

Hi all,

The next part of my summary and thoughts on The World is Flat.  This follows from Part A, Part B, Part C and Part D.

The World Flat: Part E

It has taken me five parts and finally I can see where Freidman brings in  his educational thinking.

Right Stuff – education

I have extracted three pojts that caught my attention.


  • Curisity CQ and Passion PQ is greater than IQ (Intelligence Quotient).  Survey students for the their favourite teachers and do those courses – the content does not matter. It was a bit like this when I was at university – I am not sure you can get away with this for the “core” of what we need to do but  learning how to learn is made a lot easier by learning from those with passion and intellectual curiosity.
  • In China today Bill Gates is Britney Spears.  In America today Britney Spears is Britney Spears – that is our problem. On this point often I see great teachers in their  own school have to sit listening toexperts from outside to do  what they can do or even do for other schools
  • Remember, in, China when you are one in a million there are 1300 people just like you. This was just a sobering thought.  I remember reading this  on a plane coming back from Wagga Wagga after some presentations.  Does not matter what the odds are have a go. 


Okay  the World is Flat

This expression has been around for a while now.  We all have heard it in different contextx no longer are Bangalore Call Centres somehting we hear about they are something we deal with around dinner time.  They are the places we/I can call in the evening to fix up Optus or my PDA.  This is much easier than doing during workhurs. 


This sort of stuff has freed me up The playing field is flattened – we can all be an expert now. I feel we have to specialise in our expertise.  I am abreast a lot of information now and peole ask me how I keep onto of things.  For me it is made possible by blogging, Twitter, when it works  and Google Reader – for me it is all viral professional development. 


These two summary statements  are useful for me to reflect upon.


Columbus looked for India  and found USA and the world is round.


Now America has found  India and the world is flat


The World is Flat:Part F  will be about how schools can cope. 


Now I am off to the Gold Coast  for the Marathon weekend.   with  my family and Cool Running friends


Catch you all later.


cheers  MArtin  



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