Technology – impact of cost cutting

Hi all

Cost Cutting Society
I mentioned the other day how when I was at Avoca I decided to cook rather than have my normal pizza and salad. I have been doing the same thing with my cuppas in cafes. For me a cuppa in a cafe is a bit peace and quiet and a time to catch up with friends. I actually rarely do it and I ahve stopped. More recently I have been thinking of saving the $3-5 and have one at home. I hear this arvo a number of Startbuck shops are closing down. I guess others are doing the same – drinking less in cafes. I wonder if Boost Juices are going to close as well since I havestopped buying them?

When in the bike shop yesterday they said sales were down , though the regulars were stilll buying things – except my fluid trainer. Now I am glad I still have it even though my motivation to sell it was to save money.

Petrol prices are hitting directly with people making an effort to drive less or more smartly. A friend who comes down from Lake Macquarie way has noted less cars coming in from Gosford. Are the trains more crowded for those of you who commute? Another friend ( yes I have at least two friends) of mine who drives trucks as an owner operator has had skyrocketting costs. Then there is the knock on effect of increased prices. Jenny noticed it in the shopping the other day. Now we don’t even buy the frozen fish – up to $7 now – I still managed to sneak in the Chicken Kiev at $7 biggrin.gif .

There seems to be more exposure to what is happening in the US as companies are downgrading profit forecasts. In fact one bank even is wrting off Oz debts now – we are not immune.

Officially a recession is 4 quarters of negative growth – we have had a few two quarters then a slight improvement. Interesting times ahead.


Cost Cutting – impact on technology

Now I have outlined my personal thoughts  and it got me thinking about  the implications on technology. 

1.  We have a video player and no DVD recorder – we use a Sony Play Station to watch  DVDs. I wanted to upgrade the TV and get a DVD recorder for the Olympics – not sure if I will do it now.

2.  In 2000 I got  a second Foxtel box for the Olympics – it will not happen this year .

3.  I want to have a data download allowance for my phone. I have shelved the idea of an iPhone for the time being along with the data allowance for my current phone.

4.  In the past I have used my own internet at home for community work/professional voluntary work.  Now with the kids using the internet more – this is costing me more as I go over quotas.

All these things I would  not and have not worried about in the past – now I do.

What about you?

cheers  MArtin

PS: I hope none of you are struggling too much.


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