Year 11 Geography Cultural Integration Fieldwork

Hi all,

We headed to Norton Street to get the story of the Italian integration.  The area still ahs a strong Italian feel about it though (using figures) most Italians live in  Fivedock and Haberfield.  We visited the only original remaining Italian butchers, watch maker and an original cake  shop.

We had a good tour of the white elephant known as The Forum –  5 empty shops, and empty cultural centre and only a couple of Italian shop owners.  Now the shops are owned by  Russians and Greeks who employ Asians to work in them – true cultural integration. 

I am still trying to work out how the hour hour clock in The Forum works – any ideas?.


After a nice lunch in The Forum we headed to Auburn and walked through the main street and then to the Mosque.  The following picture summarises best the make up of the area.


…and then to the Mosque for a presentation  by a higher  articulate university educated Muslim women who had some fascinating storys on the religion and her experience of integration even though she has spent her whole life here. 

 Great day.

cheers  Martin




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