Open Letter to Twitter Developers

Hi all,

I love your product and give people the heads up about it when I am at conferences and through my published and online writing. That aside I have a few issues , well actually a lot of issues 🙂 but for you may be able to help me with two.

1. I follow(ed) two distinct groups- runners and educators/technologists. Is there a way to group who I follow into two groups so that the educators don’t have to read all my tweets about running etc and vice a versa? I reckon it would be a cool function to be able to Tweet to a selection (group) of tweeters all at once and spare others you know for a fact are not interested. I don’t really want to start two accounts.

2. Is there something else (besides the third party app LoudTwitter- which I cannot seem to get to work) that I can use that can export my tweets into a blog post say once a week. I don’t mean the updates in the sidebar of the blog. I use Edublogs (@edublogs) for my blog. I accept the issue might be with my blog as well. Are you working on something like this?

I have been researching this for a while and will continue to do so – in the meantime thanks for a great product.

cheers Martin


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