Introducing John Hedberg

Hi all,

At the recent #ais08 conference I was privileged to introduce Professor John Hedberg.  Here is the address.

John Hedberg

At the beginning of the year  the organising committee was  sharing ideas about possible keynote speakers.  Two members of the Committee had the same name  suggesting Professor John Hedberg as a keynote speaker.

In the pre internet era I was groupie of University libraries and faculties to try and keep up-to-date with latest trends in education – now the internet makes this easier.  John’s digital footprint gives a random insight into his leadership in education, ICT and pedagogy.

For example at Wollongong University he coordinated the Masters of Education Program, in 2000  he co-authored a report The on-line experience: The state of Australian on-line education and training practices – Review of research and the  document I really enjoyed reading was The Quick Start Role Play an ICT Learning Design Project.

What did these three things reveal to me?

1. John is still actively involved with post graduate students in areas that  are useful for ICT educators – his most recent Web2.0 PhD  student graduates this  week.  He also has a current PhD student investigating the use of Second Life.

2. The online report suggests he can provide solid and relevant research  based evidence that we as teachers and ICT educators can use as we try and negotiate new initiatives in schools. In fact for 2008 he has 12 articles currently submit for review for publication on top of 9 verified publications in 2007 and 8  in 2006.  Sadly the typical teacher does not easily have access to these refereed journals but John if you had an active blog we would enjoy reading your research. Maybe you could also nudge a few of your colleagues as well.

3. Finally,  reading the role play suggested to me that John was well grounded providing practical ways for educators to engage in new .

The   digital foot print only reveals so much so  I did two other things. Firstly, I  contacted John in person. His passion for technology in education was clearly evident and we talked about a whole range of issues particularly the use of hand held devices. At the end he gave me his direct number if I required further information.  I was pretty chuffed – we had a keynote and I had graduated from being a groupie reading notices in the  corridors to having a direct line to the Head of School.

The second thing I decided to do was to go back to the corridors and see what else I could find out. I found  the School of Education to be a friendly and collaborative area of the university.  I knocked on a few doors, talked to a few people, read a few notice boards and felt assured we would be in good hands today.

I introduce to you Professor John Hedberg.


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