Just trying to spread the word about Twitter

HI All,

I have been trying to spread the word about Twitter. Last night I sent a message to Geotchonline which is a Yahoo Group of Geography Teachers.

Here is the message I sent to them:

Hi all,
I have been pondering how and when to share this with you for a while now . If you are not interested please just move on from the email but if a few of you are interested in emerging learning technologies and how they can be applied in teaching and learning I just thought this might be of use.
I find Twitter to be a terrific personal research tool and an avenue of professional development ie: where I can learn from other professional educators and geographers.
Twitter is a form of microblogging using 140 characters which can link people to each other and to websites and ideas by using tiny urls. It is a more professional version of social networking. It has taken me a while to understand and get the most benefit from it and I have been using it for 18 months and it is only 2 years old. At times the platform is a bit unstable but it is worth sticking with.
I notice recently that Matt Rosenberg (of Geography About fame) had discovered Twitter and was using it to drive traffic to his website.
What is really useful about it is that you can see who follows him and who he follows – connect with them and thus develop professional connections with other Geographers. To be honest at the moment there are not a lot of Geographers there just yet but there are a lot of educators. It is not all about education there is a social side to it as well – it is up to you to decide what your focus is by who you chose to follow.
It is also useful for current affairs:
https://twitter.com/sydneytraffic – useful for those who use twitter through their mobile phone.
Just one idea of for potential use. I followed one teacher on the Northern Beaches who was using Twitter while on an excursion to West Head and he and his students made live “tweets” from the location and used photos.
I have more information for those who are interested. Happy to post a lot more but I won’t spam you.
cheers Martin

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