7 Things

Hi all,

I have  been tagged by  Lee Mowbray and Chris Betcher   ( thanks – it is nice to be included) I adapted 43 things to 13 things and then I decided to write 100 things about me a few years ago:

1. I was born in Roseville in 1960 on October 13 and quickly relocated to Green Valley.
2. I visited my Liverpool home 30 years later and asked the owners if I could look around – they let me.
3. Dad owned a pharmacy in Elizabeth Drive Liverpool.
4. Mark Latham and Graham Murray were two of his many customers
5. My Mum was an infants’s school teacher.
6. I lit a box of individual matches under my bed when I was 4 years old and got into a lot of trouble.
7. My Grandfather was Swiss and arrived with a textile loom in 1918.

Here are my first seven and you can read the rest here is you wish.

Now I will tag – meme:







cheers  Martin







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