It's nice when people read your articles

I got and email from someone who read an article of mine.


Hi there,
My name is …. and I am currently living in New Zealand and studying at Victoria University of Wellington.  The reason I am writing is regarding my present (personal) research into the comparative analysis of international, political speeches to form the model for future predictions.
I have just read your article entitled “Global Dimensions of the Digital Divide,” in which I found very interesting.  Currently I am in the process of formulating a way in which I can divide the world to accurately classify the political speeches that will be analysed.
I have read much relating to the ideas of Samual P. Huntington, GDP, political, social, religious and cultural aspects of global division, however another important idea emerges out of your research, especially in today’s ever modernising world were access to technology and information are crucial in day to dat functioning of states and regions.
If there is any information you could provide me relating particularly to the digital ‘division’ of the globe, I would appreciate it very much.
Thank you for taking the time to read this email and I eagerly await your response.

and I replied:

Hi G…,
It is nice to know people read articles.  I am a teacher and wrote that as a sideline  to my work in integrating ICT into teaching and learning.  I am not in the academic loop any more but I can point you to my sources  gleaned from blogs, twitter etc.  Mark Pesce and his blog called The Human Network will give you plenty of food for thought as will  Stephen Colins  and his blog called Acid Labs.  They are known as @mpesce and @trib on twitter I am @plu.
It is probably not exactly what you wanted but it is where I am at the moment.
FYI Barack Obama used twitter  to  get across the Digital Divide and sadly stopped when he won the election.
cheers  MArtin


cheers again MArtin




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