My online experience of the Victorian Bushfires 7 February 2009

Hi all,

Been following the bushfires for the last 24 hours. Firstly on Twitter checking out temperatures in different areas and conversations developed online in Twitter and facebook. My whole day of following the fires and heat is here in Twitter .

Then the reality of it locked in when I saw this status update by Magnus on his Facebook.

Last night when the news of the 14 dead came through then the benefit of Twitter really came to the fore as infomation was coming through faster than the online media outlets. Much of it fed through Sky News.

With in half an hour information was on BBC News but nothing on CNN when I went to bed at 1:00am.

Before I went to bed I started a thread on Cool Running about the bushfires[/url] as I was hearing the names of places where I thought Cool Runners live. Some of the more personal perspectives are starting to come through.

As a geography teacher this is going to be very valuable to help my students understand natural disasters such as bushfires including the causes, planning required to manage it, understanding who the stakeholders are, strategic planning, responses under emergency, value of communication – web TV radio…. immediate and long term impacts, post fire support that is required and then lessons learnt.

So here is a map.

But at the moment thoughts and prayers with those effected and the bushfire fighters.

cheers PLu


You can do real time Twitter searches here.

I see there is a SMH article on the use of social media and the bushfires


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