Sharing with credibility makes a difference

Hi all,

Some times I feel like a groupie and perhaps come across like this when it comes to some of the people I follow but I just learn so much and it helps me in what I do in my day to day life with work, friends and family in this hyperconnected world.

I am going to take the lecture title below at face value and shared it.
Recently I shared Those Wacky Kids with my friends on Cool running  to add some perspective to  a thread on Social Media.  I popped back in tonight and there were some refreshing comments from those who really like Mark’s paper delivered last year. 


Thanks for posting the article, I have to say it’s one of the best articles I have read in a while and I have sent it to loads of people so that they have their eyes and minds open like I just did

Great read, especially for those of us with teenage kids. Very tempted to forward it onto my girl’s school principal!

Interesting article. I’m in the same position at my kids school as Stephen Collins and I really like the wiki page idea,


The presenting of someone like Mark’s viewpoints in to this debate gives credibility and authority and in this case helped balance the argument developing in the thread.  It actually in once sense killed the debate because the detracters really had nothing to say to counteract the convincing argument made in Those Wacky Kids.


Anyway the above lecture was the other day  – actually yesterday and I knew it was coming up and have been waiting for the video because I follow @mpesce on Twitter:

Annual lecture for “Cyberworlds” class, Sydney University, 31 March 2009. About the significance of sharing across three domains: sharing media, sharing knowledge, and how these two inevitably lead to the sharing of power.


It is rare for me to turn the TV off while I am at the computer – this one had the TV off and held my attention for an hour. 

cheers  Martin








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