Guilty : Social Media Skimming

Hi all,

In  all the passion I have for social media and social networking I was not being too considerate of the impact my feeds have on other people. 

I thought it was cool and good to interconnect all my web tools.  In particular I linked up Friendfeed, Delicious, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook to name a few.  I have been skimming the surface of  social media and not concentrating on their specific uses. 

I started to realise that some FB friends were hiding me or de friending me and later re-friending me with an explanation why  they dropped me off FB.  The main reason was  because my tweets were dominating their pages too much.  I am  going to maintain all the threading of web tools in Me Edna.  I have deactivated friendfeed and twitter, delicious… from my Facebook. I  will keep the Notes – feeds from my running blog.    

So no more web skimming.

I will use  Twitter for professional development, some connecting and gathering web content.  I will use Facebook for more social connections with friends and runners  who don’t want to be bothered in all the other things that interest me.

cheers  Martin  


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