Patrick Duignan – A Presence Audit

Session 2
A Presence Audit

The quality of who you are as a person and the authenticity of your relationships with others and the conditions of their life and their work.

The key elements of presence are:
• Affirming
• Critiquing
• Enabling

We broke into groups and addressed these 5 questions.

1. Name ways in which you are present for your professional colleagues
2. Name ways you are fully present for your students
3. Name a person(s) who is fully present for you. How do they do this?
4. How could you be more fully present to the challenges inherent in authentic/inauthentic learning?
5. How can you as a leader be more fully present to the people you work with and the conditions of their work?

We only had to report back on question 5 and these were the responses for each of the 15 groups.
• Love and believe in what you do
• Be an active listener
• Self cultivation – empty the clutter
• Heart for other people’s needs
• Respond to people you listen to
• Know where people are coming from- treat with respect with dignity and affirmation
• Balancing time – view as opportunities
• How you communicate with people
• Validating- present in the moment
• Every morning make a decision about how I am going to actively engage
• Use the Appraisal Process
• Fair and equitable expectations of others
• Less email – active listening – compromises
• Dialogue
• Passion – sharing wisdom.

cheers MArtin


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