When Do You Realise You Are Part Of A Movement – Joe Strummer -the Clash

Hi all,

When do you realise you are part of a movement? When your are smart enough at the time to realise it or with age – wisdom reveals you were part of it. I have no recollection of the significance of the Punk era.

I am watching Strummer: The Future is Unwritten. A documentary about the life of Joe Strummer – I have never heard of him, I have heard of The Clash and definitely remember some of the music.

I just heard a guy say that that he did not read newspapers and it was Joe Strummer who highlighted for him the injustices in the world for him. And another line was

“The audience are your friends”.

As a teenager in this era I fell into the category of not being smart enough to understand the movement that was happening around me. Though I do remember being in a play in the Sydney University Drama Society where one of the theme songs was by The Clash and it was a punk style play.

Come forward to now – I feel I am part of a movement with the web which is inflitrating all aspects of my life, running and work.

I wonder what the documentary will be like that I will watch in 30 years time about the effect of the “web movement” on our culture and who with be the players like Joe Strummer.

cheers Martin

Update: LOL just heard Joe ran the Paris Marathon one time when he went AWOL.


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