Initial Thoughts on Cloud Computing

Hi all,

Each year I give myself a little project to write about.

In 2006 it was Communities of Practice, in 2007 it was social bookmarking and in 2008 it was Twitter – the products can be seen in the sidebar of the blog.

This year I have set aside my research for Cloud Computing. I have been collecting and in some cases printing articles for 6 months. Prior to this I wanted to set the scene of what to research so I summarised the contents of all the Horizon Reports I could get my hands on to see where cloud computing fitted in.

Just recently I have been reading more carefully the Annual founder’s Letter from Google – usually with things I come across I just tweet it and the delicious it and come back to it later.

One section jumped out at me and has got me motivated again:

The benefits of web-based services, also known as cloud computing, are clear. There is no installation. All data is stored safely in a data center (no worries if your hard drive crashes). It can be accessed anytime, anywhere there is a working web browser and Internet connection (and sometimes even if there is not one — see below).

Perhaps even more importantly, new forms of communication and collaboration become possible. I am writing this letter using Google Docs. There are several other people helping me edit it simultaneously. Moments ago I stepped away and worked on it on a laptop. Without having to hit save or manage any synchronization all the changes appeared in seconds on the desktop that I am back to using now. In fact, today I have worked on this document using three different operating systems and two different web browsers, all without any special software or complex logistics.

So I am motivated again. It will be interesting to see what I come up with

cheers Martin


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