Working with Google Sites for 180 students

Hi all,

We have been working with the Google Sites for  a project and thought I would record my experience here for my records and those who might be interested.

We have an Assessment Task  for 180 students where they are required to create a webpage. My initial  thoughts were to get into  the cloud so the students can work at home and at school on the activity.  Lets say the subject is Geography and  the school’s initials are MP. 

I am aware I can get the Google apps for the school domain name and I  started that process but  won’t get in ready in time for the task .  So I have pressed on with  this evolving  solution to get things up and running.  This appoach can work for those who don’t has the capacity to set up  Google Apps for their school. 

The breakdown is like this. For example

So I  opted for and managed to get these names:

  • mp_8a.geography
  • mp_8b.geography
  • mp_8c.geography1
  • mp_8d.geography
  • mp_8e.geography1
  • mp_8f.geography

Note for the C and E class I had to get a digit to get the name and be close to the others for consistency and ease for the students. 

My next obstacle came when I realised I could not create 25 sites for each account name so I had to create  six  accounts for each class allowing five sites for each account. So I ended up with this combination of 36 six accounts with six for each class with five students in each:

  • mp_8a.geography…. mp_8a1.geography…. mp_8a2.geography…. mp_8a3.geography….etc
  • mp_8b.geography….

I have made each account private and each teacher can use the student logon.  I have also created a separate teacher account and might add them to each site as a collaborator and they can graze each account and site more easily. 

The next step is to get the  spreadsheet organised with the account names and allocating the students five at a time  to each account. 

A work in progress which I am enjoying and learning a lot  about Google.

Cheers  Martin


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