Singapore Learning Trail – Hort Park

Hi all,

At 8:30 we met at the Suntec Convention Centre for the two sessions of Learning Trails.  In the first session we went to Hort Park which is a garden area 20 minutes out of the CBD towards Sentosa.  My group had a software  specialist from California two academics from UNE.  I got talking to a second year teacher from Jurong to the west an hour.  Poor area –  school starts at 7:00am and finished at 1:30pm.  Allow Facebook access but don’t have 1:1.

Hort Park is a garden area. We went on a tour using HP touch device with GPS locators which would tell us where we were and idetified plants and varieties and then  give us activities to do and a test at the end of each section. 


The highlight however was when they lifted a bike off the back of a truck – thought it was a rickshaw and it was a Google bike .   Everyone else was a bit shy but I went for a photo – too good an opportunity not to miss.

This afternoon I am on a Learning Trail  in a Wetland area Sungei  Buloh up near Malaysia.  There are some really interesting people and I am learning a lot.   
Even with the small sample of people I have seen and spoken to so far there is a range of skill sets and interests.


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