Final Keynote CTO ORACLE Kevin Walsh

HI all

Final Keynote Kevin Walsh CTO ORACLE

Kevin Walsh

Excellent presentation – another one where I just listened and took photos of the slides. Kevin did a very good trip down memory lane outlining the evolution of the www then went into what  Web 3 looks like.  He spoke of the notion  of the technology of abundance – abundance in information, bandwidth,  connections.  Cloud computing is there to access the abundance.  The future is that you don’t have to be the expert you will use the web as part of your life without going to the computer.

It is not a technological revolution it is just people coming together in participation.  He suggests we look at Josh Bernoff –  Groundswell, Clay Shirkey – Here Comes Everyone and Kevin Kelly Out of Control.  .

Web 3 is where meaning is put to the web.  While we are asleep the web is organising itself.  It’s database is getting organised and as we use it knows what we want by where we go. It will talk to us.   SIRI for example learns about you – it is your virtual assistant. Augmented reality – point a camera at a place and it will tell what it is even will direct you.  The use of smart surfaces, talking plants and even talking boxes.  The web will be with you, you won’t Google it.  It is not as far fetched as my summary says – he has a lot of concrete examples of what is being done in the labs.

“The future is here it is just not evenly distributed.”

Well that is it form me for the time being – flying home tomorrow.

cheers  Martin


One thought on “Final Keynote CTO ORACLE Kevin Walsh

  1. Great stuff. I thought you’d finished earlier but this last post is kind of mind blowing. See you when you get back. And not too many beers on the plane. They won’t be $14 ea but that doesn’t mean you can overindulge. BTW the South Koreans have found a hang over cure. Oxygenated drinks.

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