Singapore Geography Conference Presentations

Hi all,
Here are some links to some Geography/ SS  Presentations at a Conference in Singapore – the focus was linking technology to teaching and Learning. 


These are the specific ones related to Geography – SS:
Exploring GIS as a Self-Directed Learning Tool in Geography MR 101 Mr Mohamed Osman Bin Rahamat
Exploring Earthquakes through the Internet and Geographic Information System MR 311 Mr Teo Chai Lai, Mr Tan Chai Choon, Miss Jolene Lim Hui Xian, Mr Lim Wee Keong
Humanising Humanities: The Use of Fieldwork and Web 2.0 Tools in Integrated Humanities MR 311 Miss Tang Shien Yin, Miss Tan Siyun, Mr Timothy Boay
Harnessing the Benefits of Wikis for Overseas Fieldwork Research Trips MR 311 Mr Hong Thin Yong
UnEarth! Google Earth as a Learning Tool to Aid Geographical Education MR 311 Mr Melvin Chng Eng Hee
Synth IT! The Use of Collaborative Network Technologies to Engage Students and Transform the Teaching and Learning of Social Studies MR 313 Miss Lee Chin Li, Ms Lavania Prabha, Mrs Gloria Tan Ma Sok Hua download
Stock Market, Mortgages, and Credit Cards! Do YOUR Students Understand the Current Financial Crisis? MR 326 Ms Adina Popa, Ms Laura Agrusti download
Cheers  Martin


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