Blogging with a bit of enthusiasm, passion and experience

Hi all,

Here I go again.   I pretty well stopped blogging here in 2007 when I started to make greater use of Twitter.   I was getting heaps more more “connections’ and satisfaction through Twitter (@plu)and my running blog.  After coming back from Singapore and listening to David Warlick presentation on PLN . I have decided to give my professional blog a bit more of a go.

Tonight while I was checking Google Reader I came across first a post in Presentation Zen “We learn form stories and experience” . It is obvious and so true and I guess the simplicity of it is why the blog has Zen in the title.  As a geography teacher I particularly liked this quote from another source:

“Research and education has shown that field trips are remembered long into adulthood.  Why? Because you’re experiencing something rather than simply reading it in a book…. To experience something has a far more profound effect on your ability to remember and influence you than if you simply read it in a book. So why not figure out a way to turn a lesson plan into a living expression of that content. A living expression, so that sparks can be ignited and flames can be fanned within the students. And at that point, it doesn’t matter what grade they get on the exam because they are stimulated to want to learn more. If they didn’t learn all the “A” stuff for that exam, they’re inspired enough to go out and buy a book or spend more time on the documentary that they saw on the Discovery Channel or on PBS. And there it is.  You’ve cast a learner into the world. And that’s the most powerful thing you can do as a teacher. The enthusiastic teacher is fundamental to igniting flames of interest in any student in any subject. So that’s not a special need within the call for science literacy. That’s a need for all teachers in all subjects.”

— Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson

The second blog post that got my attention was by Jeff Utech from his blog called The Thinking Stick on “The Blogging process: find the flow”.  I am going to try and do what Jeff suggests:

1. Blog topics are around you –  here I am going to try and stick to professional topics that are around me.

2. Write down ideas or topics – I am starting to do this more with delicious and Evernote

3. Keep web pages organised –  I am reasonable at this

4.  Find a blogging interface that works for you – quite like edublogs though I have got but don’t know how to set it up.

5. Finding you flow – I like this idea – this is where the two blogs I write about tonight overlap – need a bit of Zen to get the flow happening

6.  Write to your community – I struggle here because I have my “”running and life community” but in the professional world I have education, ICT and Geography.  I have tried to write into  one blog but just annoyed my community.

Anyway – there are my thoughts.

cheers  Martin


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