1993 – beyond the school gate

Hi all,

Mark Pesce has told a great story about how  he read the whole WWW in three days in 1993.  He also spoke about how kids born in this year are kids of the WWW era . My son #17b was also born that year and it is true for him from a very early age – he finishes school this year.

Now what about those students who finished school 1993 and 1994 era. Today on my run I stopped to chat to one of my students who finished school in 1994. She is married, two young children works in Ultimo in Human Resource Management – a smart hard working student who continued on in the same path  for the last 16 years.   She is in the prime of her working life.

She asked me what I do now and I said half geography teacher and half ICT Integrator – her blank look shocked me.  She had no idea what  an ICT Integrator was – of course she understood it when I elaborated.

Forget about the baby boomers I wonder how these pre 1993 graduates are coping – many did not have computers at school and no WWW, they went to uni and work while these institutions were trying to come to terms with what the WWW meant to their operations.

Are they the forgotton generation?

cheers  Martin


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