ACEC 2010 – Chris Betcher Keynote and thoughts for 1000km away

Hi all,

I am writing this blog post as I follow  Chris Betcher’s Keynote on the final day of the ACEC 2010 Conference.   I have been following it from Pennant Hills mainly on Twitter , though the Conference is in Melbourne. This will be an average quality blog post as I am jumping around following things and getting links.

I attended the same Conference in Cairns 2006.  It is a very different conference this year.  4 years ago all the unconferencing was in the hallways – juts a few blogging but through the desktop workshop sessions by Apple – well that is what I did.  This week I have been following it though Twitter and the #acec2010 , some ustream  videos and just today a few blog posts are making their way into the system.

I can see from the first Tweet that Chris’s keynote is on – change, creativity, curriculum, community.  It would be hard to do a final  keynote expecially when you can see peoples reaction to previous presentations on the back channels – Jess  gives a good summary of a back channel.

Now the tweets on Chris presentation are flying through – supportive statements chants of agreement , praise for how switched on Chris is.  Some  analytical  thoughts will  come through soon as people think about what he is saying.  This is what happened an hour ago with Gary Stager’s keynote.  Re Gary – I have  seen a few tweets and blog posts talking about how we can use more homegrown experts at these conferences – that is why Chris is the last presenter (Edit: to provide balance).

The first comment on twitter as suggested above:

How do we prepare students for the future that is unknown?? Teach them how to learn & model being a learner…

This was describes as

a well worn comment

I noticed earlier  Judy  raised , as usual, some good ideas on Web 3.0 – a few years ago Web 2 was known as the Semantic web  but now Web 2 is the Social web and Web 3 the Semantic web.  Would like to have a convo on this – when in Singapore the CTO of Oracle spoke in Web 3.0 and described it as the “self organising web”.  Here are my notes on Kevin Walshes thoughts on Web 3.0

Tweets now making comparisions about Who wants to be a millionare and mythbusters – wonder what the context is.  From afar people like me need context to Tweets a to make sense of what is happening – like the dancing last night :-). – Photos help a lot as did live video feeds and I believe a bit was happening in Second Lifee but I am not part of that ATM.

Like your play on words Chris- “make it hard fun”….”and get out of their way” –  “Creativity – less restrictions more creative response more restrictions less creative need a blance Make it hard fun”

Now that  is an example of how a couple of tweets on the same statement gave me context.

ackygirl repeat after me… “we are all individuals” LOL #acec2010

Now this is even better context – LOL me as well – I can see the room now.

mountainmoss @rissL No, me either. Aren’t the post lunch sessions important? #acec2010

People are  thinking of the door now. I remember the same conversation in Cairns in 2006 – the final Keynote now and they have a meeting  for the rest of the avo – many just went home after this.

merspi “Join the educational teachers’ PLN… It’s called Twitter.”#acec2010

So true – many of us have been saying this for years.  I  have dubbed it viral professional development.

jjash RT @mrrobbo#acec2010 millionaire vs mythbusters analogy is BRILLIANT YES!

A later comment on this – must have had an impact – well done Chris.

cheers  Martin


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