When did the Semantic Web become Web 3.0 ? – inspired by Judy O'Connell

Hi Judy,

I followed the #ACEC  conference in  Melbourne over Easter and really liked your Web 3.0 presentation – well via the Slideshare presentation I saw – I did make a comment in Slideshare.

Now  looking at your considered blog post it has made me think of at least two things.  You can go to a Conference and have a Keynote who is  out of the educational circles – I can see how Adam Elliot is an inspired choice.

What has really got me interested is Web 3.0 and how you describe it as the Semantic web.  A few years ago I searched for  Web 1.0 to Web 9.0  on Google and do this now and then to see what is happening.   I have claimed Web 13.0.  A few years ago, if my memory serves me correctly, Web 2.0 was also known as the semantic web.  This definition was not around when I was searching then – though you do get a mention in this definition 🙂 .  I did a search on “semantic web = web 2.0” and found the old posts I came across a few years ago linking the Semantic Web to Web 2.0.  Now I find this interesting that something  that was called  the Semantic Web 2.0 has now  become Semantic Web 3.0 but what has changed?.

I guess  that is semantics 🙂

Recently at a Conference in Singapore  ( Twitter #ictlt).  The final Keynote was by Kevin Walsh the CTO of ORACLE and I got a different message – though it may be the same one and I am the problem.  Here are my notes for what they are worth.  I do have a  few photos of some slides which explain the concept in more detail but I guess I don’t have permission to share them this publically.

Generally  speaking I have always thought of Web 3.0 as the manipulation of the data on the web – data mining.   I was never really sure who was meant to be doing it and Kevin’s Keynote suggested that the web does it for you – he described Web 3.0 as the self organising web that knows want you like to do on the web and in life through the process of data mining and tagging – I am sure there are more technical terms I don’t know.

I see “talking plants” ( Kevin talked of a more modern version using Twitter), the “life of a box” where the life of second hand boxes is tracked by tags and coding and mapped as it travels around in his example  USA and  finally Siri as being very different to my understanding and experience of  Semantic Web – Web 2.0.

I guess the name does not matter but I feel Web 3.0  is different in function to Web 2.0 and just shifting the name across as seems to have happened recently in Wikipedia does not do it justice.

Thanks Judy because you got me thinking.

cheers  Martin


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