Leveraging Four Square

Hi all,

Like all webtools I start to use I try and get them working in my PLN of runners.

This is what I have learnt so far.    I put a post up on Cool Running last night about the value of Four Square for runners.

Hi all,

Please don’t switch off straight away.

4- 5 years ago Simlin started and and I supported the suggestion that Cool runners should look into Facebook as a means to share things in our running community and it has taken off as a means for us to keep track of of running.

I tried to do the same with Twitter with limited success.

I just want to keep Cool Running at the leading edge hence my next suggestion about FourSquare. This is the definition, this is the website, and this is me.

What does this mean? It is a type of Web 3 technology where we can share and help each other. In this case, I am suggesting, with running. Let’s not go through the same process of early adopters through to Luddites – let us go for it.

Four square is connected to you GPS enabled Mobile phone and also the web. You can point out a location and you can see if people are there in real time of see what they liked or trail/ road runs they ran in the past. I have been playing with it for a year but have been a bit of a Nigel – but like Facebook and Twitter it takes a critical mass for it to be really effective.

If this is too much for you take a step back and join us in Facebook.

Now for those not interested at all just switch off. This is all to do with Augmented Reality.

The best way I can describe this is this way. You arrive in Sydney and take a photo of the Opera House. Four Square recognises the GPS location and tells you it is the Opera House. You then search on your phone for runs in the the area. You find this nice course ( that a friend has plotted) along Farm Cove and Lady Macquarie’s Chair. You go for a nice run all due to your nice Android…GPS phone.

A week later you are in Brisbane and you take a photo of South Bank. This time you think you would like to go for a run but this time through Four Square you notice that other runners ( like Tesso ) have already registered a great run along the river with Pat Carol’s group. No need to re invent the wheel. Four Square has enabled you to share a run.

Multiple this out and the benefits will become evident with other possible adopters such as Anth in Singapore, KT in Bundeena, Tim in Kiama, Plu in Pennant Hills, Lucky Legs in Mittagong, Frank in Adelaide, Virtual in Hong Kong and Beijing, Paul Every in Hornsby, Whippet in Geelong, Wombatface in Canberra, Fred in the Blue Mountains, Firehorse on the Central Coast, Chilliman in Melbourne….

If we can do this properly we can all be on Four Square and link to each others training ground and other interests. It does not have to stop at running courses. I can be in Perth and wonder where a good running shoe shop is – Four Square should be able to help me – provided someone in Perth is on Four square and tells me a good shoe shop… the possibilities are endless

cheers Plu

During today I did a few things on my account while at Mothers Day lunch.  There has been a few comments on the thread I create, some good discussions and now I am getting some ideas on hopw I can use this in education – particularly Geography teaching and for trips away from school.

For example,  this is what I have suggested to some running friends:

Hi all,

Here are two examples of what I mean:

The Bay Run

Quarry Road Track

Now if you were in Hornsby or Drummoyne and searched Four Square for Drummoyne ( 6th entry down) you would find the location for the bay run because I have entered them in.

Now the next layer of use is that when I say I am there by my phone others who follow me will see I am there and might contact me and join me for a run.

cheers Plu

There is a lot more to do but I think there is s0me real potential here.

Cheers  Martin


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