Kindle is more than a book reader

Hi all,

I was sitting on the ground at Wynyard Station on Sunday at midday after the SMH Half Marathon with 28 minutes to go for the train to Penno station and I got out my Kindle to read.  I was really pleased about a decision I made a few weeks earlier.

A few weeks ago I went through 1537  $0-$2 books in the Kindle Store and and downloaded a range of free  non-fiction books.  Then I went to and got  a few more including E- novels which don’t even make it to print by writers such as Paulo Coelho. I mainly downloaded books by and about philosophers and explorers such as John Oxley.

However, I do know my limitations. I need to read in short bursts so I can process what I am reading.  So I started investigating the use of my Kindle to read my blogs and articles I like to read.  I have a folder on my computer called ICT Research  of some of the articles and blog posts I want to read.

ict research folder

The Kindle has an email service which converts documents into  Kindle format but in Australia it costs about $1 a mg. Fortunately I discovered they also have a free Kindle email service where they convert the files and email them back to you to download.  All you need to do then is connected the Kindle to your computer and place them in the documents folder. Some of the PDFs allow you to enlarge the text to read them and others did not such as the Horizon Reports.   Then I looked a bit more closely and realised the text versions  were just in a .txt format.  So I set to converting PDFs and blog posts to .txt.

For example,  I particularly like reading The Human Network by Mark Pesce because of the way he writes and the relevance of what he says to education.  He writes in three sections (I, II and III) and  the length of the posts are usually the length of  his presentations.  This gives me manageable chunks of reading which is ideal for my short bursts of reading. I can process what I read in three  sittings and  allow for reflection and note taking.  This is ideal for my lifestyle.  I assume in this era of sharing I can do this  with appropriate acknowledgement.

The Kindle has made this so much easier.  I used to read like this on my small Nokia 6120  and of course on the computer but the  former  is only for even shorter period of time and the latter I seem to never get  to because I tend to read live online. A not so quick cut and paste of Mark’s blog posts resulted in a 256 page word document.  Which I then broke into 50 page chunks and uploaded in 6 sections on my Kindle.  I am now building up my article and blog posts on my Kindle for  other people I follow.

I am looking forward to more Australian based content to be made available on the Kindle.

cheers  Martin


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